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As the prevalence of CHF is increasing globally, placing significant strain on healthcare systems, integrated CHF care solutions are necessary for improving services and reducing costs. Currently service provision remains hospital-centric and fragmented leading to incomplete care, worse health outcomes and reduced quality of life (QOL) for patients and caregivers.

CORRAL aspires to deliver a system integrating state-of-the-art interoperable digital solutions in a patient-centric and comprehensive approach. Reliable and least obtrusive sensor devices, accurate risk-prediction AI models and AI-based personalised risk prediction and therapeutic recommendation capabilities, as well as digital twin modelling and exergaming, are among the tools to be employed in a modular architecture, while an easy-to-use web-based dashboard for the decision support of health professionals and an intuitive mobile app for patient self-assessment, will offer a wide range of services to patients, frontline staff, and caregivers to break the boundaries CHF care is currently facing.

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The project CORRAL is implemented under the H2020 project “Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT-enabled integrated care solutions to advance multidisciplinary health and care for patients with chronic heart failure” and is co-financed by the European Union.

The project started in May 2022 and the 2nd phase is expected to be completed in June 2023 .

Scientific responsible is Dr. Konstantinos Votis from CERTH/ITI